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Start your Rhinestone Business Today and
Create Unlimited Custom Rhinestone T-Shirts, etc..? 
Rhinestone Templates. 
This is the template you will need to create your own rhinestone decals and apparel. 
You just brush your stones into the design and they will fall right into place. 
Why buy expensive transfers if you can create your own for a fraction of the price! 
That is more profit for your business! Contact us with any questions. 
You will make more than your money back in just couple shirt or decal sales! WOW!! 
All our Rhinestone Templates are designed in house, so it makes your business unique... 
We design all of our templates for multi-purposes. This same template can be used to 
create shirts, bags and etc..Once you purchase this template you will have the 
ability to produce unlimited amounts of products from this one design. 
We sell this design on a shirt for $25.00 OR MORE...
*By purchasing this rhinestone template you are agreeing that you will not share, copy, 
or sell any of The designs to any business or third party. 
This template is for the sole purpose of your business creating rhinestone products for 
your customers.You are also agreeing that will not create templates of this design 
and offer it for sale at any time. The design is exclusive to only the business
that completes this purchase online. Failure to comply with these agreements 
can result in legal action.
For More Details and pricing email us with your artwork, drawing or anything in handwriting
or drawing to give us an idea of your design and we will get back to you the same day not weeks..
Turnaround time for templates if we have the design already made is the same day..
Ph. 559-999-1560 ask for Cathrin
We ship UPS Only.